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  • 500W

  • 12V

  • 10A

Model NoSP15-02
Product size185*92*220MM
Solar panelSolar input: 18V 150W at max
Battery typeExternal battery input: 12V lead-acid battery
DC outputUSB output port: DC 5V 750mA*2PCS
DC outputDC 12V 400mA*6pcs
Other accessories4 in 1 USB cable
Other accessories4pcs* 12v 5w led bulb


Portable and Endurable

With a handheld carry hook this SOLAR SYSTEM is easy to use and carry both indoor or outdoor.



Solar Charging

Connect the 18V 150W solar panel into the input socket which is highly efficient to convert the sun rays into power electricity.



Controller & Inverter

Equipped with PWM 12V 10A controller, and Modifine sine wave inverter in 500W. This 500w solar power system with 2pcs AC OUTPUT PORT in 500W.Please use the device properly according to the instructions. 



USB Output Power Bank

Switch on the OFF/ON button to use power bank output function and the green indicator turns on. With a free supplied 4 in 1 USB charging cable to plug in an electronic device such as mp3, phone or USB fan.



Output Bulb Lighting

Press the OFF/ON button to light up the bulbs and the green indicator will turn on. Connect the 12V 5W LED bulbs with  meters wire into the solar power station and switch the light on. Each hanging lamp includes its own separate switch that controls the light intensity.



External battery

Need to connect external battery for use, 12V lead acid battery is required. The portable solar kit can be used in multiple ways to turn your house into smart home and just say goodbye to darkness and power outage!